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12 Jul 2009

Heather Tweed presents Lost not Found: Abscission

© Heather Tweed

Lost not Found: Abscission


A series of interventions and interactive art projects by Heather Tweed.

Edinburgh EH1

7th - 31st August 2009

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Artist inspired to Edinburgh exhibition by theft of Artwork.

Since a life-size sculpture was stolen from the artists exhibition in 1999 Heather Tweed has been musing on thoughts of lost objects and the Limbo world they may end up in.

The seated 'Leopardess' sculpture created using faux fur and a fur coat that once belonged to the artist's Nana has never turned up although she is always on the lookout for potential clues to its whereabouts.

Thieves broke into the art gallery in Bath after a series of thefts of sunglasses from other sculptures the artist had exhibited in other galleries across the South West of England were reported in the media.

Heather is planning an interactive site-specific exhibition to take place during one of the busiest and exciting cultural events in the UK, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and themes of loss, reunion and serendipity will form the basis for the artworks.

'Most people have lost at least one thing during their life and many people are still seeking something. This art project may not bring anything back but a few folk might just find something else if they keep eyes peeled!' The artist says enigmatically. 'You might be a finder and a keeper. There are also plenty of interesting stories out there that need to be told and if anyone knows the whereabouts of my sculpture please let me know!'

The project entitled Lost not Found: Abscission takes place at various venues in Edinburgh City Centre during August. For details of how you can learn what's happening and become involved, please visit the website: