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30 Apr 2009

Annual 2008 - Publication by Netwerk / center for contemporary art

© Annual 2008

Annual 2008


+32 (0)53 70 97 73

Houtkaai z/n
B-9300 Aalst

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Annual 2008 is one year in a Belgian art center through over more than 200 key words. The tenth edition of Netwerk’s yearly survey is conceived as one quire of an open encyclopedia – listing texts, images and entries in close alphabetical order. It includes a CD with twenty-six unpublished tracks, starting with the ?A’ of Amenra and ending with the ?Z’ of Zulu. The ultra versatile drummer Chris Corsano, known from his collaborations with Björk and Paul Flaherty, merges the playlist into one musical experience inserting solo improvisations between each track.


Brussels-based philosopher and art critic Aaron Schuster explains how Freek Wambacq’s exhibition in Netwerk provides a fascinating model how one might conceive exhibition making today.

Jean-Marc Huitorel comments on a new dimension in the work of Neal Beggs focusing on the numerous similarities between climbing work and disegno.

David Keenan puts forward Chris Corsano as the versatile trailblazer of a new generation of free drummers, being as adventurous in style through occasional and long term collaborations with hardcore and free jazz musicians.

Painter Frédéric Thiriaux speaks with his colleague Xavier Martin about the latter’s monothematic urge to explore imaginary landscapes in painting.

Artist duo Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost reassess the encyclopedical reach of Wiki-ideals through a dazzling text composed during a psychogeographical walk through Wikipedia.

Museum D’Hondt-Dhaenens collaborator Tanguy Eeckhout retraces the pictural trajectory of Belgian painter Rik Moens, who deconstructs the ABC of painting to create images freely following the caprice of the moment.

Vleeshal director Lorenzo Benedetti indicates new perspectives for exhibition making in a contribution about Cabinet of Imagination, the group exhibition he curated in Netwerk.

Sébastien Hendrickx explores how the contemporary regime of residencies creates possibilities for art centers to nourish from the nomadic practice of artists and performers today.

(languages: ENG – FR – Dutch)
Price: € 12
Publisher: Netwerk / center for contemporary art
Softback, 333x230 mm, 84 p.
Publication Date: April 04th 2009
ISBN: 9789081080002

Order now on http://www.netwerk-art.<wbr></wbr>be/en/data/annual/23