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10 Apr 2009

Mousse #18 Out Now!

(Duncan Campbell. The Artist/Hotel, London)

Mousse Magazine



Via Arena, 23
20123 Milan

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In issue 18...

_Henrik Olesen's art defies all hegemonic biological categorization, attacking the official version of history. A journey of redemption and identity, told to Luigi Fassi.
_Goshka Macuga takes Milovan Farronato on a ramble among her various fields of exploration, through the manifold coincidences that underlie her work.
_Tobi Maier meets up with Duncan Campbell to talk about his film-collages, which use Irish archives to trace underground stories of the bleak outskirts of Belfast, and a tribute to Bernadette Davlin.
_Jennifer Allen climbs up the spider webs that breathe life into Monika Baer's images, comparing the extraordinary versatility of organic grids with the rigour of geometric ones.
_2008 has been the year of Thomas Houseago, the year of the object, and the year of the occult. Dieter Roelstraete explains how a perfect synthesis can be find in an emblematic feature of Houseago's art: the headlessness of many of his figures.
_Gigiotto Del Vecchio listens to Susan Philpsz's sound sculptures, a form of mediation between the audience and their environment.
_What is really behind the boom in non-abstract painting? Thibaut Verhoven wonders whether the canvas has became the new terrain of semiotics.
_Monika Szewczyk meets up with Anton Vidokle for the 'Curator's Corner'.
_Massimiliano Gioni plunges into Paola Pivi's Land of Cockaigne, to discover that its dream of abundance is a celibate desire.
_Adam Szymczyk examines Micol Assaël's 'Chizhevsky Lessons', which the artist learned at the Lenin All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute in Moscow. As a preview for 'Part of the Process', the column investigates the ideas behind her solo exhibition at the Kusthalle Fridericianum in Kassel.
_Massimo De Carlo introduces his new column 'Beyond', which investigates the Zeitgeist through composite musical scenarios. In this first encounter, the words of Obama meet up with the pride of Charles Mingus and the rhymes of Dr. Dre.
_Alessandro Rabottini in conversation with Richard Aldrich.
_A word association 'game' between Irina Zucca Alessandrelli and Tauba Auerbach reveals the young Californian artist's love of forgotten alphabets and mathematics.
_Michal Wolinski gets a glimpse into the studios of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, thanks to one of its star students, a revelation at the last Berlin Biennale: the very young Ania Molska.
_George Clark traces the thread that links R.D. Laing's anti-psychiatry, Xentos Jones' samplings, and the fugues of a jaguar man in Luke Fowler's films.

Artist's Project:

_Matt Mullican's liquid, intense handwriting captures Janis Joplin's verbal power in his Project for Mousse, presented by Michele Robecchi.

Reporting from...

_PARIS: Francesca di Nardo investigates Mark Geffriaud's point of view.
_NEW YORK: Cecilia Alemani asks Kerstin Brätsch a few questions about Necessary Couture and the Paranoid Style of her new two-person collective, DAS INSTITUTE.
_BERLIN: The importance of locations and the wry sentiment in Dan Rees's approach to art-making are two of the themes tackled by Adam Carr in an interview with the artist.
_LONDON: Political history is reinterpreted through Anja Kirschner and David Panos's 'genre' films, in an in-depth interview with the artists by Alli Beddoes.
LOS ANGELES. Andrew Berardini runs through a bibliography of the LA art scene, following the tracks of Richard Hertz's Buzz.


_Chiara Leoni talks to Simon Denny about the double-takes inspired by his post-adolescent post-modernism.
_Angela Vettese on Hanne Darboven.
_Roberta Tenconi meets with Giorgio Andreotta Calò.
_Denis Isaia recalls Jack Goldenstein's mirages.
_From the Tuefelsberg hill in Berlin, Stefania Palumbo and Marius Engh talk about the Norwegian artist's latest project, 'An Aggregation of Adversary'.
_Christiane Rekade on Kilian Rüthemann's caramelized Modernism.
_Valentinas Klimašauskas on Vilnius for 'City Focus'.
_Giorgio Verzotti visits Carol Rama's house for 'Skeletons in the Closet'

And much more...