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18 Dec 2009

Cynthia Corbett Gallery 'Art at the Top' opens at The Empire State Building

Lluís Barba, Archduke Leopold in his Picture Gallery in Brussels. David Teniers, 2008/2009

Edition of 5, Photographic Print on Dibond, 39 x 59 in.

Art at the Top | New York


December 2009 until March 2010

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+44 (0) 20 8947 6782

'Pop Up' Exhibition presented by The Cynthia Corbett Gallery at The Empire State Building | 350 Fifth Avenue
Ronnette Riley Architect | 74th Floor
Suite 7401

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Art at the Top in association with Ronnette Riley Architect - literally at the top at The Empire State Building – the Cynthia Corbett Gallery is proud to present Art at the Top 'pop up' exhibition on the 74th Floor of The Empire State Building featuring photography by Tom Leighton, Lluís Barba and Boyarde Messenger, and paintings by Klari Reis, David Gista, Cecile Chong and Geoff Stein.  The exhibition opens December 9th and runs until March 2010 to coincide with The Armory Show 2010 in New York and the gallery's participation in VOLTA NY where they will present a solo project for Ghost of a Dream, co-winners of the Young Masters Art Prize.

Art at the Top will preview a new series of work by Geoff Stein, Irrational Exuberance, a series of portraits about the credit crunch. These works are acrylic and collage, and feature newspaper cuttings detailing the events surrounding key incidents over the last year. The work Madoff includes reports from the SEC and Department of Justice, complaints made against Bernard Madoff.

Also featuring will be work by Lluís Barba whose incorporation of characters in the works of the past emerge while thinking about how our brain has the ability to receive external references. As the image we receive moves across the retina, it arrives with us as an absolute fragmentation at the hypothalamus, where it reconstructs a virtually reasonable image, depending on the evolutionary parameters of a sort.

Barba explains, 'I get out-of-context elements of a reality to displace them into another, alternate reality. In my works tourists attend not only at museums, but they are also incorporated in works with the metaphoric involvement that this fact implies, establishing a dialogue more direct between those who observe and those who admire. It is interesting to review the historical memory of the famous artworks of the best artists, because some of them reflect a freedom of expression that does not exist in our society today.'

Exhibition runs until 31st March and is by appointment only please contact the gallery for appointments