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18 Dec 2009

Symbio at Vaclava Spala Gallery, Prague

Aljoscha, Bioism networking / object 30, 2006



Opening Date:
December 21st, 2009 from 6 p.m.

The exhibition runs until
February 14th, 2010

Opening hours:
tue – sun noon – 8 p.m.
thu noon – 10 p.m.

+420 602 675 362

Narodni 30
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic

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Exhibiting artists
: Aljoscha, Eleanna Anagnos, Richard Fajnor, Joseph Farbrook, Andrew Johnson, Marek Kvetan, Joao Simoes, Al Wildey

: Zora Carrier, Kelly Maximiuk, Brooke Wendt

22. 12. 2009 - 14. 2. 2010

Technology is influencing the way we conduct our everyday routines. Digital developments methodically build and redefine technology's existence in our cultural identity. Digital media constructs an abstract version of our reality into complex recreations that can be viewed on a monitor. The exploration of our world in virtual reality, as opposed to a world that can be touched, is how new media is changing traditional forms of art.

With the progression of the new digital age, artistic expressions and topics have been moving toward technology and scientific based projects. The advancements in technology is overwhelming, but in contrast, making our lives expeditious. Software allows us to generate forms that are not present in this dimension. The machinery we are making is surpassing our mental and physical capabilities. We can create innovative digital grounds and put our ideas in faster motion. The digital age permits us to reassemble our recreations of reality into a visual format in an intangible form.

Pixels are digital media's genes. They are tiny particles we can reconstruct and view under a screen. Technology has a code, much like the DNA that flows through our bodies. That code is made up of chromosomes, to make a unique structure, which is what new media does when it processes data. As quickly as our neurons transmit information to our brains, computers transmit figures at speeds we cannot fathom. When approaching new media, aesthetically this artwork is representative of cells rapidly moving, fueling our motives.

By deconstructing these parts, we are able to see the relationship of the micro to the macro. It can help us to understand the workings of our own bodies in the new technology era. To deal with this process, artists are creating reactions in minimalist interpretations to scientific, skewed or complex analysis of fact or fiction. Symbio is a digital heartbeat, it is operating, processing, and generating visual information that challenges our responses to our way of life.