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30 Nov 2009

Wakefield Meadows at Pavilion Unicredit

Adrien Tirtiaux, Wakefield in Charleroi, 2009
Research photography for 'WAKEFIELD MEADOWS'
Courtesy of the artist.

Wakefield Meadows


December 3, 2009 – February 7, 2010
Opening: 03 November 2009, 19.00 hours


Sos. Nicolae Titulescu 1 (Piata Victoriei)
Bucharest 011131 Romania

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Curator: Anca Mihulet

Theoretical Input: Olivia Mihaltianu

Participants: Adrian Alecu (DE/RO)/ Olivia Mihaltianu (RO)/ >projektgruppe< (DE) / SOSka (UA)/ Adrien Tirtiaux (AU/BE)

is an artificial living environment that was generated by the real life experiences of the curator and of the artists, created inside the space of Pavilion UniCredit. WAKEFIELD MEADOWS explores the inside of some of today's oversaturated and artificial living systems and social conventions, caught in an obsessive historical turbine and unable to move forward - every-day life clichés, the middle class capitalist family and the social underground, the consumerist super-structures, the trajectory of classified information and the invasive art market.

One of the starting points of the curatorial debate was the case of Wakefield, the 'universal character' from Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story with the same title. One day, Wakefield left his house and his wife and then returned after 20 years as if nothing had happened, carrying on with his normal existence. The moral of the story: 'Amid the seeming confusion of our mysterious world, individuals are so nicely adjusted to a system, and systems to one another, and to a whole, that, by stepping aside for a moment, a man exposes himself to a fearful risk of losing his place forever.' (excerpt from 'Wakefield' by Nathaniel Hawthorne)

The artists featured in the exhibition appropriated the human condition of Wakefield, the misplaced individual, after his return, in the 20th year and infiltrated in apparent sealed environments, becoming insiders, questioning their identity and their place.
An exhibition in cooperation with the Contemporary Art Gallery of Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu.

Publication: 64 pages, 15 x 21 cm, b/w, english/romanian, 5 Euro/15 RON. Texts by: Andrei Codrescu, Aurora Szentagotai & Daniel David, Anca Mihulet.