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23 Nov 2009

KIOSK presents David Bade

David Bade, '24 ours knows ours', pencil on A4 paper, 2007.

KIOSK 17: David Bade


26.11.2009 - 03.01.2010
daily from 9am - 6pm


Louis Pasteurlaan 2
9000 Gent

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KIOSK presents David Bade
Since 2006, KIOSK has been deploying its activities in a glass pavilion on the Bijloke site in Ghent, Belgium. The final exhibition in this unique pavilion will run from from November 26 through January 3, with an intervention by the Dutch artist David Bade (°1970, Curacao). Remarkable are Bade's drawings, paintings and installations and his reserved attitude towards the finished product. The fragile, pliable and ephemeral character of the materials used in his installations indicate, however, an associative and unrestrained working method that puts creation itself in the centre of attention. Ordinary materials such as trash, plastic, newspapers, clay, plaster, etc. are used in a spontaneous way to examine such different topics as consumption, entertainment and art. With the required dose of humor, irony and playfulness, David Bade constructs ridicule representations of the everyday world that surrounds him. His installation in KIOSK will definitely demonstrate this critical, but playful approach.


In February 2010, KIOSK will move to a larger and recently renovated exhibition space, still situated on the Bijloke site. KIOSK is an initiative by vzw KunstenSite (KuS) and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) at the University College Ghent. KIOSK is supported by the Flemish Government.