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17 Nov 2009

A Different Stefan Galic at International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana

Štefan Galič, Fossil - Tree – XXXX - A, 1992
color woodcut, 100 x 70 cm

A Different Štefan Galič


11 November 2009 – 10 January 2010 at International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana

12 November 2009 – 30 January 2010 at Gallery-Museum Lendava

00386 (0)1 2413 800/818
00386 (0)1 2413 821

Grad Tivoli, Pod turnom 3,
1000 Ljubljana

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A Different Stefan Galic at International Centre of Graphic Arts

The retrospective of the work of painter and printmaker Štefan Galič comprises two exhibitions – the fruit of a collaboration between the International Centre of Graphic Arts and the Gallery-Museum Lendava – which together present the full artistic and human scope of the artist. The exhibition at the Gallery-Museum Lendava, the result of making a full record of Galič's painting oeuvre, fills a gap in the scholarly treatment and interpretation of the artist. The exhibition at the International Centre of Graphic Arts, on the other hand, focuses on Galič's graphic production, although it presents it in a new way. On view are prints, paintings, personal objects and catalogues, a part of the artist's butterfly collection and photographs, as well as publications he designed.

Štefan Galič
(1944–1997), known in the broader Slovene cultural realm primarily as a printmaker, is the finest Slovene woodcut artist of the final third of the twentieth century. His unique woodcuts, and in particular the series Records (Zapisi) and Fossils (Fosili), won him general recognition and a number of awards. Galič's printmaking work is, from a technical point of view, extraordinarily accomplished and inventive: for him the woodcut becomes an original medium through his use of unusually rich colours and toleration of mistakes on the matrix; nature itself is his greatest inspiration.

The woodcut appeared with greater frequency in his work after 1975 and became his exclusive technique of expression with the series Violins (Violine) – the violin was also Galič's favourite instrument. From this point on, he investigated thoroughly the properties of the wooden matrix, its surface structure, colour, the flow of the grain, the thickness and patterns of the tree rings. The series Butterflies (Metulji) was undoubtedly inspired by the artist's large collection of butterflies in all their wonderful shapes and colours. The butterfly motif is ontological for Galič, pointing to his specific view of nature and its metamorphoses. In the Records series, the artist's intervention in the matrix is minimized, with letters and numbers being increasingly replaced by the natural properties of the wood. Here nature and natural history begin to speak. In the late 1980s, the series Fossils appears in Galič's oeuvre. These prints address the viewer with a certain primal, noble archaism, bestowing the artist's work (now in the last decade of his life) with an imprint of monumentality and timelessness.

The exhibition is accompanied by the catalogue Drugačni Štefan Galič / Štefan Galič másként, in Slovene and Hungarian.