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12 Nov 2009

Mousse | Nov-Dec 2009 | Out Now!

Photo Mary Clare Stevens 2009
Courtesy Mike Kelley Studio

Mousse Magazine | New Issue | No. 21



Mousse Magazine

Via Arena, 23

20123 Milan


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In Issue 21:

_Jörg Heiser asks Henrik Håkansson about his latest work, which focuses on the repetitions and patterns produced by mass appearances of different species of fauna.

_Enrico David has set up a stage at Tate Britain. A collage of memories, where the egg men meet the oblong doll. Milovan Farronato talks to the second Italian finalist in the history of the Turner Prize.

_From Victor Horta’s architecture to the advent of electric light, Andreas Bunte’s narratives analyze modernity through symbolic issues. Katerina Gregos stepped into the artist’s time capsule.

_The bulky old Walkman inspires Jennifer Allen’s reflection on the ethereal relationship we’ve developed with the incorporeal objects of our time.

_Dieter Roestraete peers through the surface effects of mere form to find a deeply humanist impulse in Camilla Løw’s abstract idiom.

_Cecilia Alemani meets up with Artur Zmijewski a few days before the artist’s American debut as part of MoMA’s Projects Series.

_In three parallel conversations—with Daniel Birnbaum, Roberto Cuoghi, and Dakis JoannouFrancesco Garutti explores the relationship between time and collecting.

_In REPRINT, Massimiliano Gioni explains why “A Girl Named Carla” by Elio Pagliarani radically changed his idea of the avant-garde.

_In PART OF THE PROCESS, Barbara Casavecchia talks to Ian Kiaer and delves into the artist’s layered, polysemic œuvre.

_From the Venice Biennale and Younger Than Jesus, to several solo shows, it’s been a big year for Keren Cytter. Alessandro Rabottini focuses his conversation with the artist on her latest project, the dance theatre group D.I.E. Now.

Artist Project:

_Klaus Weber

_LOST AND FOUND features Henri Chopin (1922-2008), the leading exponent of sound poetry. Matteo D’Ambrosio retraces the artist’s achievements, through his significant audiopoèmes, performances and books.

_Luigi Fassi meets Leslie Hewitt, whose pieces full of social criticism blur the boundaries between sculpture and photography.

_Emi Fontana takes us into Mike Kelly’s home and neighbourhood for SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET.

_In BEYOND, Massimo De Carlo has an unconventional conversation with tax law professor and renowned fiscalist Guglielmo Maisto, while roaming through the stands at Frieze.

_Gigiotto Del Vecchio talks to one of the fathers of photoconceptualism’s new wave, Canadian artist Ian Wallace.

Reporting from...

_BERLIN: David Lewis meets up with Reto Pulfer.
_LONDON: Alli Beddoes analyzes the final work in the film trilogy by The Otolith Group.
_NEW YORK: Simon Baier talks to Sam Lewitt.
_LOS ANGELES: Sonia Campagnola investigates Kaari Upson’s projected selves.
_PARIS: Marcelline Delbecq has developed a project for MOUSSE, and Francesca Di Nardo introduces it.


_Roberta Tenconi poses a single question to Francesco Barocco in INTRODUCING.
_Yann Chateigné Tytelman, in CURATOR’S CORNER, explains why curating is the response to a disorienting flow of information.


Mousse Is an Independent Publishing Project:

Mousse makes zines, catalogues, artist books and editions, working together with galleries, institutions, museums and artists. New titles:

_Berlin – Los Angeles. A Tale of Two (Other) Cities.
From Berlin: Simon Fujiwara | Klara Liden | Dan Rees | Kirstine Roepstorff | Nora Schultz | Josef Strau | Klaus Weber | Maximilian Zentz. From Los Angeles: Frank Benson | Aaron Curry | Elad Lassry | Scott Olson | Kaari Upson. Catalogue realized for Massimo De Carlo, Milan

_Black Atlantic. Nanna Debois Buhl | Kiluanji Kia Henda | Hank Willis Thomas | Maryam Jafri. Catalogue realized for ar/ge kunst, Bolzano.

_The third issue of Peep-Hole Sheets features an unpublished text by Spanish born Brussels based artist Dora Garcia.