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29 Sep 2008

UNIDEE IN PROGRESS 08 - open studio

Unidee in Progress 08


opening one day event:
SUNDAY 5th OCTOBER 2008, from 5.00 pm
free entrance

+39 015 28400
+39 02 00617056

Via Serralunga 27
13900 Biella - Italy

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Presentation of the projects for a Responsible Transformation of Society developed by the residents of UNIDEE 2008.

UNIDEE in Residence, 'creativity campus' of Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, offers the opportunity to become activators of projects for a Responsible Transformation of Society to artists, curators and managers of socio-cultural projects. Four months at Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto: workshops, lectures, discussions and collaborative projects.

The projects Unidee in Residence 2008 will be on exhibition in Cittadellarte until December 31, 2008

IN RESIDENCE: (Current City / Nation)

Yael Bar-On (Jerusalem / Israel)
Biljana Ciric (Shanghai / Serbia)
Yolanda De los Bueis (London / Spain)
Manuela Macco (Biella / Italy)
Ahmad Malki (Ramallah / Palestine)
Elisa Marchesini (Amsterdam / Netherlands-Italy)
Pavlina Mladenova (Varna / Bulgaria)
Josefina Posch (Gothenburg / Sweden)
Christoph Schwarz (Vienna / Austria)
Marko Stamenkovic (Belgrade / Serbia)
Sakiko Sugawa (Kyoto / Japan)
Nidhi Sundram (Mumbai / India)
Daniel Alejandro Urrea Peña (Medellín / Colombia)
Yulia Usova (Kiev / Ukraine)
Sarah Vanhee (Amsterdam / Belgium)
Flávia Vieira (Porto / Portugal)


:: 5.00 pm opening

:: 5.00 - 6.00 pm 'Alii bella gerunt, tu felix Austria nube' - performance by Yael Bar- On, Ahmad Malki, Sakiko Sugawa at Palazzo Ponte Cervo / Cittadellarte

:: 6:30 pm Unidee in Residence 2008 Certificates Ceremony

:: 7.00 pm Buffet 'Porto and Kyoto zipped together' by Cafeteria - Cittadellarte glocal restaurant

Cittadellarte aims to inspire people towards responsible change in society through ideas and creative projects.

Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto
was founded in 1998 as the physical embodiment of the Progetto Arte Manifesto (1994) with which the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto proposed a new role for the artist: the role of creating an interaction between all the diverse spheres of human activity that form the society.

Cittadellarte is a huge laboratory where creativity acts as the crossing point between the diverse cultural, economical and productive sectors. It is a massive generator of energy, and a place for rethinking things, for sharing views, for studying and for doing research.

The name ?Cittadellarte’ incorporates two meanings — that of a citadel, namely a protected and defended area where artistic projects can be nurtured and developed, and that of a city, which suggests openness and complex interrelations with the world.

The activities of Cittadellarte are based on a vision of ?creative involvement’, where art interacts directly with all dimensions of the social system — from economics to politics, from science to production, from education to behaviour — in order to achieve a responsible transformation in human civilisation.


European Union , Regione Piemonte, Provincia di Biella, Città di Biella

Unicredit Group, Fondazione CRT, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella

De Buren, Universidad de Antioquia, AM Qattan Foundation, Inlaks, Snait Foundation, Pacefuturo, Hangar, Fondazione Zegna, Illy, Next Kunst, Dena Foundation, As_Tide Networks