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30 Sep 2008

Whoever can build a chair, can build a city just as well.

Dellbrügge & de Moll, Wer einen Stuhl bauen kann, kann auch eine Stadt bauen, cover, 2008

Whoever can build a chair, can build a city just as well.


Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


public art
OSZ Bautechnik 2
Gustav-Adolf-Strasse 66
13086 Berlin

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We are proud to present the following publication:



Wer einen Stuhl bauen kann, kann auch eine Stadt bauen
by Dellbrügge & de Moll
German, softcover, 164 x 240 mm, 96 pages
48 illustrations in color, Berlin 2008
ISBN 978-3-00-025087-3
15,00 Euro

The publication documents a 5-chanel-video installation, public art for the Marcel-Breuer-School for Structural Engineering and Design, Berlin. Forty students are talking about their visions of a city and how they would like to live and work. The video portraits are snapshots of the current student generation. Like time-capsules they are preserving emotional states and political mentalities.

A school does not only consist of its architecture and schoolyard, of blackboards, computers and curricula, but above all of the people assembled there. The Marcel-Breuer-School is teaching a range of skills related to construction. 3,500 students are currently attending. All of them are involved in built reality. What do they think about this reality?

Usually we take it for granted that investors, politicians and urban planners shape our environment. Smoothly moving traffic and growing business areas determine the parameters of design. In contrast to the abstract space of experts, the space of the users is concrete and subjective, as Henri Lefebvre puts it: a living space of everyday activities. What if the inhabitants got access to planning their habitat? What would a city look like if they could decide?

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