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24 Sep 2008

video_dumbo 2008

video_dumbo 2008


September 26-28, 2008

+1 718.694.0831

30 Washington Street
D.U.M.B.O. Brooklyn, NY 11201

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video_dumbo 2008
Curated by Caspar Stracke and Gabriela Monroy

SEPTEMBER 26 - 28, 2008
@ Galapagos Art Space: 16 Main Street D.U.M.B.O. Brooklyn NY

OPENING: September 26th, 7:30pm screening of 'in complete' by Shelly Silver followed by the 2008 presidential debate in 3D! with interactive audience participation via current TV / twitter. Plus after-debate live audiovisuals by Zarah Cabanas (aka Lady Firefly)

presenting video works by:

Jesal KAPADIA, eteam, Sharon HAYES, BOLING/MORALES, Shelly SILVER, Jenny MARKETOU, Zarah CABANAS, Chris JORDAN, PFFR, Celeste FICHTER, Chen YERUSHALMI, Kendel BENNETT, Torsten BURNS + Darrin MARTIN, Han Moo KWON, Penny LANE/Annmarie LANESEY, Gabriela MONROY, Richard GARET, Elizabeth SMOLARZ, Andrew WILSON, Julie C. ROTH, Barbara KLUTINIS, Guatam KANSARA, Kota EZAWA, Nancy Jean TUCKER, Richard GARET, Melanie CREAN, Arthur KLEINJAN (NL), Jannicke LAKER (NO), Nicholas PROVOST (B), Alexei DMITRIEV (RU) , Bouchra KHALILI (MOR), GODARD+ MIEVILLE (FR), Meiro KOIZUMI (JAP), Effie WU (D/TW), Neil BELOUFA (ALG), Einat AMIR (ISR) Fanny ALLIE (FR), Manuel SAIZ (UK) Mike HOOLBOOM/ Fred PELON (CAN/NL), Jean-Luc VIELMOUTH (B), Jeremy BERNSTEIN (D) ) John SMITH (UK) , Lia LAPITHI (CYP), Teboho EDKINS (LES/D), PAVEL MEDVEJEV (RU), Mikhail ZHELEZNIKOV (RU), Alina RUDNITSKAYA (RU)

four channel video loops by:


special programs:

Hoist the Peter (Three from St Petersburg), 'About The City' guest curated by Bettina Johae /Elizabeth Smolarz and '1800 Frames Take 4' cWoW, curated by Norene Leddy/Liz Slagus

9/26 FESTIVAL OPENING @ Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main Street
7:30pm Screening of 'in complete world' by Shelly Silver followed by
8:30pm HACK THE DEBATE IN 3D! + after debate audiovisuals by Lady Firefly

video_dumbo presents Current TV's 'Hack the Debate,' an interactive broadcast of the first presidential debate. For visual enhancement, video_dumbo will transform the Broadcast into 3D! 'Hack the Debate' will, for the very first time, integrate real-time Twitter messages (aka 'tweets') over major portions of a live television broadcast. As Twitter users tweet throughout the course of the live broadcasts, Current and Twitter will collect comments regarding the debate and layer the individual messages over the debate feed. In addition, the debate will appear in three-dimensional space, based on a new polarized filter technique called Chroma-depth®. Ironically, this stereoscopic system is based on the colors RED and BLUE. Each object displayed in those colors will create the illusion of either protrude out of the screen, or retract behind the screen - creating a true stage for this political theater.

More information about 'Hack the Debate' is available at:

We have the computer terminals, you bring your phones!
If you have any questions or need more info contact: