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25 Sep 2008

Knud Young Lunde and Aleksander Stav at Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen, Norway

Image shows parts of the scale model made for the presentation of the exhibition, by Knud Young Lunde and Aleksander Stav

The autumn season's MA-weekend at the Art Centre


Opening Friday September 26th, 2008, 7 p.m.

NOTE: this exhibition is only open Saturday September 27th and Sunday September 28th, 12 am – 4 pm

+47 55908590

Klosteret 17, Bergen, Norway

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Once every season Hordaland Art Centre awards an MA-student at Bergen National Academy of the Arts a one weekend exhibition. This season we welcome a collaboration between Knud Young Lunde and Aleksander Stav.

To find our every day through an increasing flow of information we rely on precise communication. What comes across as difficult to understand, ambiguous and immediately difficult to read is disregarded, and if it does not return to us it will not be picked up again.

During one weekend HKS will be the place where the incomprehensible will be stored. We can move through a staged non-standardised system made especially for HKS by the two MA-students Knud Young Lunde and Aleksander Stav.

In this collaboration they have intertwined each of their interests to a project which discusses our demands of precision, but also the effect of it. What does it mean that we no longer tolerate ambiguity or discrepancy? Ours is a society with little difference, and according to the professor at the Department of Economics at the University in Oslo, Kalle Moene this makes it is easier to notice difference. He writes 'The reaction to an increase in difference is diametrically proportional to the existing differences in a society' (DN, Aug 31st, 2008) This formula can also be applied to the flow of communication that runs through a society, and it is precisely these formulas this project plays with in a physical way. Inside this depot something resembling reality is recreated and stored.

(HKS) based in Bergen, Norway was established 1976 as the first artist run art centre in Norway. Its activities are based around the exhibition programme with equal emphasis on dialogues, screenings and performances.

Since 1987 HORDALAND ART CENTRE (HKS) has had an artist in residence programme. HORDALAND ART CENTRE (HKS) also works with public art commissions and regional touring exhibitions, and has since 2007 collaborated with the MA-programme at the Bergen National Academy of the Arts. It is situated in one of the oldest remaining school buildings in Bergen and focus on local commitment in an international every day. There is an open and accessible artist archive in our reception. We have a weekend-café with newspapers and art magazines.