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23 Jul 2008

Caterina Tognon for stART & Gaetano Pesce present a project of contemporary art/architecture/design

Gaetano Pesce
Carovigno (BR) Italy, 2006-2008
polyurethane and mirror on wood
in cooperation with Gabriele Pimpini and Cosimo Cardone



opening: August 10th, 2008


Contrada Marcello
Carovigno (Brindisi)

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'Is it not surprising that today's architectonic expression has not taken more advantage of the cultural events during the 50's and 60's of the last century? Pop Art, the 'ordinary' poetry of Bukowsky, the Beat Generation, Pop and Rock music begin to gather dust on the bookshelves of History, without architecture having taken them into account. On the contrary it remains protestant, purist, formal, vaguely totalitarian; the grandchild of the Modern Movement continues with it's authors to ignore everything that could cure it of the anemia which affects it and renders it boring, repetitive, glacial and loveless. When will architecture be serene, pluralist and capable of narrating it's sites and it's cultures?

The Ostuni Portrait house strives to make up a bit of delay and without taking itself too seriously, expresses simple contemporary phrases, both in the technique and the materials. It uses image instead of the abstract geometry employed by almost all architectural studios worldwide.

The technique and the material consist of spraying rigid polyurethane onto rough wood. The bathroom made in wood, is covered in mirrors which symbolize the care of the body and reflect the surrounding olive trees of the countryside.

As a whole the house is a portrait that commemorates the appearance of the Venetian couple who commissioned this project.'

Gaetano Pesce, June 08

Gaetano Pesce, an architect-artist-designer based in New York City, has undertaken diverse commissions in architecture, urban planning, interior and exhibition design, industrial design and publishing. In more than forty years of practice, Pesce has conceived public and private projects in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia, body of work – recognized for its emotive and tactile qualities, unrestrained use of color, and insistence upon innovative building by prominent architecture critic Herbert Muschamp as 'the architectural equivalent of a brainstorm'.

stART , directed by Caterina Tognon, is operating in the visual arts field, including the mutual interactions among the various disciplines of the contemporary art. Projects will be linked to other events (such as openings, presentations, discussion groups, books, lectures...). stART aims to operate in the international art scene, keeping however a particular awareness on the Italian art and its promotion.


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