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30 Jun 2008




Opening: June 28th 16h - 20h
Exhibition: June 28th until August 2nd
Opening hours: Tue - Fri: 12h - 19h and Sat: 12h - 17h

+55 021 2222 1651

Rua Gonçalves Ledo, 17 - Sobrado - Centro
Rio de Janeiro
RJ – 20060-020

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A GENTIL CARIOCA has the pleasure to invite you to the opening of the show LANÇA CUBA that will take place on Saturday June 28th from 4p.m. to 8p.m. This exhibition will introduce the work of seven young Cuban artists showing for the first time in Rio de Janeiro. The show, curated by the artist Carlos Garaicoa, has the intention to bring together a group of very talented artists emerging in the Cuban art scene that have found and developed a new path on the visual art field inside and outside Cuba.

Here the public will find many approaches to different issues not only important to the Cuban context and particular reality as a Socialist country, but also universal reflections that allude to art, desire, hope, identity, history, globalization, new technologies, etc… From the use of very precise symbols as the national anthem and the flower (Reynier Leyva Novo) that address subjects as identity and the 'never- written' Cuban history, to the playful reinterpretation of an homogenized society by the emptiness and dysfunctional values transmission of street signs (Rodolfo Peraza)….

From the longing to return to a freedom space, such as a childhood state where you find yourself in harmony with the world through music (Glenda León) to the need of human being for, despite politics or bad times, find a way to canalize his/hers own desires and dreams, using no matter what kind of help like horoscopes, black magic, his/hers own body fluids (Grethell Rasúa)…

From the use of new technologies such as Google SketchUp that allow us to build a new (cyber)space even when we tend to reproduce the existing world and reject our brand-new freedom to create a different better thing (Loidys Carnero), to the deception and insecurity contemporary human being is experiencing versus complex and cruel societies and governments, that instead of support and healing offer war and economic incertitude (Yaima Carrazana)...

From urban interventions and graffiti, an insurgent reinterpretation of Socialist propaganda and urban 'pintadas' (Hamlet Lavastida) to the special project of Carlos Garaicoa in the wall outside A GENTIL CARIOCA dealing with the idea of violence and fragility of human being and his surrounding architecture….

The public attending the show will be able to find a wide spectrum of smart and incisive questionings these artists are making of their own reality and the status quo of art and politics.