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18 Jun 2008

Cattelan, Rehberger, Zobernig: Three Star Books

Cattelan, Rehberger, Zobernig



'Cattelan, DIE / DIE MORE / DIE BETTER / DIE AGAIN,' by Maurizio Cattelan, 'Holy Silence,' by Tobias Rehberger, and 'Fetish' by Heimo Zobernig.

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Three Star Books presents three publications: 'Cattelan, DIE / DIE MORE / DIE BETTER / DIE AGAIN,' by Maurizio Cattelan, 'Holy Silence,' by Tobias Rehberger, and 'Fetish' by Heimo Zobernig. These new projects are technical and conceptual masterpieces exploring conventions in the biography, fairy tale, and eroticism. Dedicated to realizing highly crafted artworks in book form, Three Star Books brings the livre d'artiste into the twenty-first century. The series is produced by publisher Mélanie Scarciglia, editor Cornelia Lauf, and production by Christophe Boutin.

Maurizio Cattelan's publication, 'Cattelan, DIE / DIE MORE / DIE BETTER / DIE AGAIN,' is a richly illustrated monograph edited by the artist himself. It features an essay by Parkett founder, Bice Curiger. The book layout was transformed into calligraphy and photographic images were painstakingly executed in watercolor. The book was then printed in five-color offset using Staccato screens and UV inks on heavy stock paper. It is in loose sheets contained in a specially designed box. This limited edition of 1000 copies functions as a boîte en valise to the artist's works. There are one hundred additional signed and numbered copies incorporating an original painting. The work was produced with the support of the Kunsthaus Bregenz and MMK, Frankfurt.

Tobias Rehberger's work, 'Holy Silence,' is published in six numbered and signed copies (plus four AP's), measuring almost one meter high. Each work consists of eleven plates in different materials, which may be carefully assembled to resemble a table. Every material indexes sculptural sources used by Rehberger in previous artworks. The different plates, laser-cut to perfection by Parisian technical consultants, Enzyme Design, are based on cut-out silhouette figures that seem to come from nineteenth-century children's books or commercial metal signage. The images, some disturbing, others bucolic, deliver an unsettling narration on childhood.

The above publications join 'Fetish,' by Heimo Zobernig. This work contains a text by cultural theorist Sabeth Buchmann interspersed among materials ranging from latex rubber to glittering mesh, along with pictorial research on the sex industry. 'Fetish' is a complex work about the limits of pornography, eroticism, and the titillation of academic discourse.

Upcoming publications: Douglas Gordon, Ken Lum, Jonathan Monk, Matt Mullican, and Haim Steinbach.

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