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04 Jun 2008

Regional Arts Practices

Moving the Map Project CAVC MUA


Open Calls for the Interchanges Programs
30 may to 30 July 2008


Barrio la Plazuela, Ave. Cervantes
Casa 1331 Po. Box. 5545
Tegucigalpa, M. D. C., Honduras C. A.

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Moving the Map Project CAVC / MUA Plataform 2008 / 2010

Is an artistic project that investigates the discourse of political spheres regarding migrations, and from which there will be debate on the analytical focus and on the execution of urban artistic practices from the articulation and recognition of the migrating weave with local scenarios.

Moving the Map takes form from the design of a certain number of artistic projects and expositions, a collaborative symposium and production networks beginning from the articulation of existent cultural discourses in the context of Central American cities. One step further from the supranational settings and rigid identities; In such sense its necessary to take into consideration that the contemporary discourse of migrations has constituted the base of new explorations that highlights the expansion of new artistic narrative and in consequence the rupture with the social effects in all the countries of Central America.

The aim of the project is to work starting from the contemporary artistic setting, the characterization of each artistic practice for readings of its papers in moments of high mobility and social re-composition, discourse, positioning, spaces and symbolism; For such aim, the inter-relation between independent artists, cultural solicitors, specialists and cultural institutes are used as a platform to give way for the localization of the public spheres conforming a vast system of connections from which artistic discourse tends to re-establish the dynamics of inter-relationtionship in our own context.

In this framework of glances, Moving the Map is profiled as a necessary process for proposing the mediation of contextualized art in the construction of the regional in moments that Central American society is living in time and space of constant socio-cultural change and where our surroundings highlight the limitations of its borders, and the mobilization of the artistic scene has circulated by the sustainability of networks that are not made out of borders, but human inter-relationships.

The major axis of the project consist of:

  • The commissioning of artistic projects of specific sites
  • Inter-regional Collaborative symposiums
  • International Program of performance
  • Circulation of local and international projects
  • Commissioning of artistic projects of specific sites

The commissioning of the intervention project for urban space will be articulated in an annual project of two artistic projects with 4 invited artists every year. They will take as reference for their interventions the growing area of demographic explosion of the city of Tegucigalpa. For curatorial selection and production, a panel of regional curators and solicitors will be invited.

Inter-Regional Collaborative Symposium/Regional Artistic Practices

Symposiums are a platform for exchange, that have as goal to generate the interaction from the strategic design of three head offices in the Central American region. For the development of this proposition, the participation of international panelists will be integrated so that with a international perspective the incidence papers of the contemporary artistic practices in and from our region will be boarded properly.

International Program of performance

A international program of six artistic propositions for the putting in the scene and investigative practice of the performance as territory for the exploration of relationships between temporal space versus physical space. Participating in this scene will be: Emerging artists with inter-disciplinary propositions that include video performance, installation, situations like that of carnival expressions in evocation to the muting of memory and territory.

Circulation of local and international projects

The putting in practice of a circulation program of artistic projects of local and international origin, has the objective to create a process of approximation and insertion with collective and individual propositions from artists that operate outside strictly institutionalized margins. The invitation of two annual regional projects will be the urban scenario of a zone in process and movement of experiences from emerging creators.

Moving the Map 2008/ 2009 plataform are sponsored by: STICHTING DOEN / MONDRIAN STICHTING / ARTS COLLABORATORY / HIVOS People Unlimited

The Center of Contemporary Visual Arts CAVC/ MUA:

Established the organization under the curatorial and artistic direction of the curator Bayardo Blandino in 1999, assuming his functions as part of the programmatic extension of the Association Women in the Arts 'Leticia de Oyuela', Since then his principal activities have oriented his objectives to direct the access of contemporary expression for the creation of a proper cultural space for the articulation of the diversity and pluralism of the contemporary setting of Honduras and Central America. CAVC/MUA during its trajectory contributes to the articulation of interdisciplinary innovative propositions, for the promotion of local, national and international initiatives by means of stimulating dialogues and cross glancing with the professionalizing and formational processes of contemporary artistic practice.