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29 May 2008

THE GREEN BOX newest publications

Newest publications



Invalidenstraße 161 (Remise)
D-10115 Berlin

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We at THE GREEN BOX are proud to present our newest publications:

Jeanne van Heeswijk: SYSTEMS
412 pages, 165 x 230 mm, paperback, ca. 1,200 images, English, ISBN 3-908175-04-6, € 44.00

SYSTEMS gives the first comprehensive overview of Jeanne van Heeswijk's socially engaged artistic practice by presenting models for the design of social spaces as well as directions for the analysis of social structures. The book's first chapter is dedicated to the games people play. Games are rehearsals of social interactions; they simulate reality and are open to experimentation; their rules establish limits within which we are free to act. The second chapter investigates the rooms people inhabit, i.e. the urban structures of social cohabitation, where the external reference points of social conditioning can be found. The third chapter deals with the communities people create, as structures of individual, artistic positioning. Many of van Heeswijk's works fall into one of these areas, or else create structures opening up a view onto the social situation. The social spaces and strategies presented are documented with rules and drawings, texts and photographs. Anecdotal remarks, pieces of advice or comments by the participants create a broad collage of possibilities, producing insights into a wide-ranging field of experiment. With texts by Carlos Basualdo, Marjolein Schaap and Axel Lapp; designed by Anja Lutz.

Petra Trenkel: auswärts
62 pages, 220 x 165 mm, hard cover, 30 images, German/English, ISBN 3-908175-50-6, € 14.00

'auswärts' presents paintings and drawings by Petra Trenkel from 2004 and 2007. The works depict cityscapes from London, Marfa (Texas) and Berlin. Trenkel's interest lies with the phaenomenon of the place: how does a location come into existance, that is above all defined by what is surrounding it and/or borders on it, and is predominantly characterised by the absence of buildings? With a text by Quinn Latimer; designed by Cornelia Wruck.

Theresa Frölich: A Semi-Spiritual Thing
88 pages, 230 x 160, hard cover, 33 images, German/English, ISBN 3-908175-52-0, € 24.00

What do the perfect female body, the 'everhard cock' and the Holy Spirit, the paradise landscape and the Mother of God have in common? They all deal with a world that exceeds the everyday material existence of linear time. They embody wishes and desires as well as fears and horrors, and exist in fantasy, in myths, in religion and in cyberspace. Theresa Frölich's works also deal with these topics, using media images – mainly taken from Second Life – which in her installations she weaves into space. 'A Semi-Spiritual Thing' is edited by Hildegund Amanshauser; with texts by Hildegund Amanshauser, Verena Kuni and John Hartle; designed by Theresa Frölich.

150 Jahre Kunstverein Konstanz
2 volumes, 88/96 pages, 210 x 210 mm, paperback, 34/57 images, German, ISBN 3-908175-51-3, € 22.00

In volume 1, the art historian Anne Langenkamp provides a substantial record of the history of this art association from 1858 to today, while volume 2 documents the anniversary exhibition 'Menschen und Orte' ('People and Places'), that is held from 16.3. to 29.6.2008 in the Kunstverein, and deals with historic and contemporary networks and the visual repercussions of history. The participating artists are Florian Bielefeldt, Norbert Bisky, Sonia Boyce, Laura Bruce, Frieder Butzmann, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Monica Germann & Daniel Lorenzi, Bertram Hasenauer, Christian Hutzinger, Nikola Irmer, Roland Iselin, Christof Hamann, Hendrikje Kühne & Beat Klein, Melanie Manchot, Martin Newth, Cornelia Renz, Martina Sauter, Costa Vece, Christian Vetter and Gabriel Vormstein; the curator of this exhibition is Axel Lapp. Design: Carsten


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